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The mission is simple. I am here to support you in having the experience you want and need!

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Our Story

It takes 365 days to circle the sun. A quick google search will tell you the following about the sun "rebirth, new beginning and ascension, the center of galaxy, the source of living life, light and energy, the beginning of humanity, and in many cultures representing a source of life."

Simply put, Sol Purpose is about energy and intention. It's about recognizing the power within us and the capacity we have to emit undeniable, magical energy. This energy is reproductive justice, this energy is birth, this energy is learning how to thrive in postpartum, and this energy can be learning how to process loss (loss of independence, loss of previous images of our physical selves, and more).

Birth is a life changing event, but with my nurturing support, you will learn to be comfortable with the idea of giving birth. My intentions are to both support you in cultivating the energy you need to introduce the life you created to the world, to support you in liberating yourself of fears you have about birth and parenting, and to do all I can on your behalf to ensure you and your baby thrive.

My name is Kania (Soul Purpose) and as your Doula, you can count on me to make sure you feel confident throughout your entire birthing experience. So let us make new memories to reflect on with each trip we take around the sun!

Energy + Intention